A Healthy Life Is Simple and Beautiful

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I am Sandy πŸƒ I eat plant based and basically a green smoothies & breakfast lover πŸƒ
Don't try and be someone else's idea of healthy, fit or feminine. You have the most amazing opportunity to be exactly who your are! And there ain't no one else like you. Embrace your beauty.

Awh this sucks, I hate when all of a sudden people can turn on people after you have been talking for so long. The world is a cruel place.
Don’t let them get to you too much. You are still an awesome person.
But don’t hide away either. Be real and open, confront them and ask them why they are ignoring you all of a sudden?
don’t let people get the satisfaction of getting away with something that nasty, most people don’t expect you to go and confront them so see what they have to say.
But if they can do that to you easily, then don’t bring them back into your life. You deserve better, more honest and real people who like you for you and won’t ditch you if they get annoyed by you.
good luck xx