A Healthy Life Is Simple and Beautiful

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I am Sandy ๐Ÿƒ I eat plant based and basically a green smoothies & breakfast lover ๐Ÿƒ
Don't try and be someone else's idea of healthy, fit or feminine. You have the most amazing opportunity to be exactly who your are! And there ain't no one else like you. Embrace your beauty.

sorry what did you send, if it was regarding the kayla book then i made a post about that but if not, sometimes the messages don’t come through.. i try to reply to everyone but i don’t every night, depends on how busy i am, just send again lovely :)ย 


Holy shit X Factor what her voice Iโ€™m dead



Right now I’m doing kayla itsines book. But I also have listed exercises I do and love in my health/life/fitness tab. Under exercises I do or love I think. It’s a combination of hiit plyometrics, pilates, walking and running :) but way more detail is on the page